Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Dear Valued Customer

We know this has been a difficult time for us all and we are very pleased to confirm we are now open.

However we do have to comply with COVID -19 health regulations for the benefit of our customers and staff.  Accordingly if you are unwell or know you have a fever or flu symptoms please stay home.  Also please bring your own shoes to bowl (closed in runners) otherwise we have to sell you socks (to keep) to use with our bowling shoes.

In order to control numbers in the venue it is ESSENTIAL to book ahead over the phone on 66525666 advising the number of players, number of games you wish to play and the contact details of one of your group. PLEASE DO NOT BOOK VIA Facebook or email.

Our venue is divided into sections defining how many people can fit in each section to comply to the 1 in every 4 Square metre rule.

However if you book and come in a family group or group that normally mix together, the above rule may be relaxed, please advise us of your circumstances when you book.

It is also essential that you and your group members remain at your designated area unless you require food or drinks from the cafe and bar.

We have reopened our games area and ask that only people intending to play the games go into that area. Please ensure that your children remain with you at all times and do not let them into any other areas.

Thank you for your patience and support.

Kind Regards

Club 300 Team